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What does a USA Battle Buddies Service K-9 do?

All Service K-9’s are different and all combat wounded veterans have different needs.  A USA Battle Buddies K-9 is trained to the individual veteran’s specific needs and disabilities.  For example, if you have balance issues, the K-9 can push or pull you back to your center.  If you fall, he can help you back to your feet.   The K-9 can be trained to pick items off the ground or open doors.  Service K-9’s are also therapeutic in nature.  Their highly in tune senses can pick up on chemical pheromones that we as humans cannot smell, taste, or touch. For the veteran, if their emotional state begins to change the dog will react in a certain manner to assist the veteran to regain his or her right state. 


Qualifications and Application Process for USA Battle Buddies Service Assistance K-9’s:

  1. Must have a physical disability that is combat connected
  2. Must have an  Honorable Discharge from Military Service
  3. Complete Application Package
  4. Must commit to 2 weeks Monday through Friday 8am-5pm at the end of the animals training before being issued service animal
  5. Must provide DD 214
  6. Must have release of VA Records
  7. Must have lived with and taken care of a dog for more than one year
  8. There will be an interview where Steve Frye and the K-9  trainer will ask in-depth and intrusive questions to you the applicant and members of  your household for veteran and K-9’s best interest
  9. Must agree to multiple home visits 
  10. Must agree to a Background Check




USA BATTLE BUDDIES: What is needed to issue a Service K-9?

USA Battle Buddies is a non-profit organization.  There is no payroll for its board members, K-9 trainers and affiliates.  We rely solely on private donations, fundraisers and in the near future, grants


 Can I use a dog that I already have? 

No. The reason for that is that it would be difficult for you to transition training that animal from a pet to a Service K-9.  USA Battle Buddies only issues and trains pure bred European German Shepherds.

Do you take dog donations?

YES IF, you are donating a European pure bred German Shepherd between the ages of 1 1/2 to 3 years old.  If the animal does not meet that criteria, then UNFORTUNATELY we cannot accept any other animal.    We ARE NOT a shelter or dog rescue.  We do not have kennels or a place where we keep the dogs awaiting training.  We train one Service K-9 with one trainer at a time.  Each K-9 training period is different.  We do not have the facility to accept donations of dogs or puppies.  Also, we require an age limit for the program of 1 1/2 to 3 years of age to begin training.

Who is eligible to apply for a USA Battle Buddies Service K-9?

To be eligible for a USA Battle Buddies Service K-9 you must be a United States military combat wounded veterans who has a combat related physical disability.  We accept combat wounded veterans veterans regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or military branch of Service. 


How do I donate to USA Battle Buddies?

 There are many ways to donate to USA Battle Buddies.  Besides donating directly in person when you attend  a USA Battle Buddies event, you can:


-Donate online through PayPal with a credit card or your PayPal account


- equipment (please email first to find out needs for packs, patches, leads, and harnesses)

- You can also donate your time.  Volunteers are always needed at our events.

NOTE:  At this time there is a waiting list for the issuing of a USA Battle Buddies Service K-9 due to the high volume of requests, limited volunteer K-9 trainers and limited funding.  USA Battle Buddies is diligently working to increase the ability to issue highly trained ADA qualified Service Animals. 


Service Dog Etiquette

•Do not touch the Service Dog, or the person it assists, without permission.

•Do not make noises at the Service Dog; it may distract the animal from doing its job. •Do not feed the Service Dog; it may disrupt his/her schedule.

•Do not be offended if the person does not feel like discussing his/her disability or the assistance the Service Animal provides

                                                        Resource links                                            

National Resource Directory 
Connecting Wounded Warriors, Service Members, Veterans,
Their Families and Caregivers with Those Who Support Them


             WOUNDED WARRIORS @ 45 NORTH


Providing care and rest through outdoor activities
at NO cost to our Wounded or Deployed Warriors
supervised by Wounded Warriors.

We offer many activities including:
Fly Tying
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Our Mission: The mission of SEMPERMAX Support Fund is to enhance morale and welfare of service disabled veterans and their families through peer to peer, on-site visits by other service disabled veterans, trained to motivate and advocate on their behalf, so that they understand they have the continued support of a team. ONE TEAM! In doing so it is our hope that we can reduce isolation, disenfranchisement from society and suicide among veterans and their family members.


Useful Hotline Numbers

Veterans Crisis Line 1.800.273.TALK (8255)

National Call Center for Homeless Veterans 1.877.4AID.VET (424.3838)

VA Caregiver Support Line 1.855.260.3274

Useful Websites